5th Generation

Over a century ago, before the ever planted his first coffee bean, Don Francisco Ocheita searched Guatemala for the ideal place to grow coffee. He dreamed of a coffee that would be considered among the very best. His 2014-05-19 11.21.26dream, and his search, brought him to the volcano Santiaguito foothills of western Guatemala. Here at 4,600 ft. in the lowest part and 5,000ft in the highest part, the best coffee would be grown. He called the area Culpan. Don Francisco labored long days, during long growing seasons, throughout most of his life in quest of the richest coffee beans…During the 1940s, don Francisco´s nephew Roberto, took on the family quest for coffee excellence. Loving coffee, and teaching himself all he could about how to grow and process it, young Roberto became known as an expert. Coffee growers from around the region sought his sound advice. “Patience makes the coffee” Don Roberto has always said. At a time when others are trying to cut corners, Don Roberto takes the time to know his coffee, endlessly trying new ways to turn out the finest. This commitment to quality makes the man, and his coffee, rather extraordinary. After his death in 2008, his daughters and grandsons continued this tradition following Roberto´s philosoph2014-05-17 11.41.11y in every step along the way. This fifth generation tradition of care goes into every bag of CULPAN COFFEE.


2 thoughts on “5th Generation

  1. Buena tarde, deseo contactarle en relación al su experiencia con el prograin solar bubble. Gracias


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