Our Coffee Mill


Although our Mill was built in the 1940´s, it has been updated to become ecological.


Wet Mill:

After the Coffee is picked, it is taken in to our Mill.  Here our specially selected beans will be separated by density and then pealed by machines called ¨pulperos¨ and then will be placed in water for a fermentation. Then it will be washed and be separated again by density. They will be placed in water tanks to rest for 24 hrs.2013-02-25 07.26.15


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2013-02-24 21.52.46                   2015-01-05 06.40.18


2013-02-12 22.13.04

In Culpan Coffee, the coffee is placed y patios to Dry and then in to dryers called ¨Guardiolas¨ until the reach 10.5% to 11.5% of humidity. Depending on our client it will be dried in patios. It will then be stored, until it has to be prepared for shipping.


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Dry Mill:

To prepare for shipping in green bean coffee, the coffee is placed in machines to be peeled. Then the will be placed in machines were its separated by density and size. It will then go through a manual checking point. Samples are taken and cupped to assure our quality. It will then be shipped to our buyer.

2013-02-24 21.06.33