Social Commitment

Our School:

Workers and the surrounding communities can take their children to our private school in Culpan. In the school we:2014-06-03 19.33.05

  • Work together with the children’s parents by buying a meal and having the parents take turns to cook the meal.
  • Have a preschool to start preparing the children in their educational journey.
  • Give them the school supplies for free.
  • Bilingual school to prepare them for todays needs.
  • Hygiene workshops.
  • A school government, to prepare them for today’s social responsibilities.
  • Computer lab.
  • Marimba band.
  • We meet all the government educational requirements.




In Culpan Coffee, we have the following workshops for our workers and their families:

  • Environmental
  • Hygiene
  • Health
  • First Aid
  • Industrial Safety

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